How To Become A Consultant: A Complete Step-by-step Guide (Updated For 2019)

Have you ever wondered what does a consultant do? How to become a consultant? Well, the answer is very non-complicated. When you become a consultant, you offer your skills, expertise and knowledge that business or other individuals can be able to use.

A consultant provides specialized work, solves problems, makes recommendations as well as give advice such as editing, writing, programming or even business analysis. Anyone who decides to become a consultant is often paid per day, an hour or the project basing on the performance as well as the commission.

How to become a consultant

The following are the steps to becoming a consultant. I recommend you to follow them carefully for it will help you build a solid foundation shortly as well as expanding your reputation and reach.

1. Identify your expertise area

You should be very honest about where your expertise and strengths lie as well as considering the forces that are outside your nine to five focus. If you have a side hustle that is landscaping having enough clients, then you should demand taking it on full time.

Either you are perfect at closing some deals in the medical sales industry to an extension of your colleagues asking for some assistance. Therefore, you should ask yourself some questions to identify your niche.

• Is there a demand for the service?

• Do I have the experience to be in this field?

• Do I have a point of view that is unique?

For one to be a consultant, it requires one to be self-motivated as well as having a proper boundary setting. Therefore, before initiating your website as well as accepting the first client, you should consider meeting these demands. You may as well identify a niche that is perfect, and if you don’t meet the deadlines, then you may not be in a position to become a consultant.

Moreover, finding a consulting speciality, consider your excel areas in projects and at works that you have attained high marks on. You should also factor what you enjoy that is if you are doing full time and it should be what passions you.

2. Set Goals

Setting goals will assist you to know your working. Do you consider hiring employees someday? Do you have an intention of having a full-time business? Do you want it to stay weekends or night projects? Should be in a position to answer these questions and plan in a way. Once you have had a goal for your business, you should narrow it to the immediate needs. For you to do this, your intentions as well should be SMART:

• Specific: You should give a proper of the definition of what to accomplish

• Measurable: You should be in a position to identify the milestones and the targets that will assist in tracking your progress

• Attainable: You as well be in a position to keep manageable and realistic goals

• Relevant: Be in a place to set goals that will adjust with your business model

• Time: Time is critical for it gives the deadline of your goal

3. Make a website

Do you think you can get to become a consultant without creating your website? Local Search Association reports that 63% of the consumers use websites while 30% do not use it. Having google site gives more of your business permission when it comes to local ranking since the website that optimised with domain authority, backlinks, as well as views, will be able to encourage google in displaying your site with very relevant searches.

Thus, the first impression in your business is the site there for I recommend you to invest and you will see progress returns in the years to come.

4. Get certified

Getting a certification when becoming a consultant is not always mandatory. For instance, if you are a medical sales professionals’ consultant, you should consider having accreditation in one of the HIDA’S. Moreover, if you are specialised in coaching teams, you should consider getting certification from HubSpot.

Whether software skills, it is imperative when it comes to your industry to invest, and as a consultant, it is essential to remain competitive as well as cutting edge in your niche, and certifications are ways that should be demonstrating your drive.

5. Choose a target market

After identifying your niche, be precise about your target audience. For instance, these five questions will help you choose a target market.

• Where will audience target be located? (Will you serve the locally? Will you accept regional or national clients)?

• What are your clients’ most significant pain points? (what has made them search for you/ what are their challenges?)

• Who is their business competitive? (who are your major competitors? How are your services?)

• What motivates you to get the target audience?

Getting what is essential and specific about your customers will allow you to reach clients who are perfect as well as providing superior service.

6. Make a Decision on Where You Will Work

You will probably not need a designated workplace when you are just starting. However, if becoming a full-time consultant, it will be excellent to have an office, and before choosing that office, you should ask yourself some few questions about it.

• Will the workplace promote my business?

• Can I afford office space and if it is can much?

• What could be the reason for wanting this space? (I am I hiring part-time help? Will I meet with the clients?)

After giving a decision that office space will make you benefit your business, you should as well consider the kind of space that is right for you and your needs.

7. Network with people

Networking, speaking, referrals are one of the most important ways that will lead to your business growth. You should join Facebook, LinkedIn groups that your audience often share, write a blog post as they highlight your expertise and attending conferences and meetings in your area. Talk to everyone and move everywhere and see what everyone is offering you. No one will be ready to sell you, and therefore you should brush off the elevator, and you get ready to sell yourself.

8. Set Your Rates

Decide on how much you are going to charge your clients. It is so tempting to charge less your worth since you have not proved your results.

• You should set fees by project

• Set fees by performance

• Double your hour wage

• Fixed payments using your previous client work data

• Set solution-based prices

Once you have decided on what to charge, you should make a consideration on how you are going to bill clients as well as accepting their payments. Many fee-based platforms will help you track as well as manage payments and invoices. You should as well consult with the accountant during the tax season.

9. Know When to Say “no”

At the start, it is so easy to say yes to every request and every client. But at times learning to say no will result in customers appreciating your honesty and you will be in a position to maintain quality work that will not threaten your sanity.

Be honest when you don’t meet the clients need and be in a place to introduce to someone who can. They will benefit, and your business will not go low.

How to Start a Consulting Company

Many companies got the needs of professional consultant for many reasons. In most cases, consultants are called to offer skills and expertise to handle some short projects and make changes on how the organisation communicates. Consulting services are very flexible as well as a money-saving approach than hiring a full-time employee. The following are ways of starting a consulting company.

A) Consider Your Qualification

Evaluate your expertise. Your expertise is the reason why clients will hire you. You should be in a position to choose a consulting area where you have experience and knowledge. The best consultant has the proficiency in participating in the problems, and the questions the client has.

• If you have a passion for a certain that you are not sure about it, you should get that training now. For it is better in figuring out where you fall before having a firm whereby if the clients come you will not be able to tackle the problem

• The top areas for consulting include: communications, marketing, public relations, editing, writing, communications.

Consider your skills. As a consultant, you should explain as to why you offer the best services since many individuals have the same knowledge as you and this is where skills chip in. Therefore, determining the skills you have, will aid you to present yourself to clients and it will also help you from the competition.

Examine Your Personality. Think of your priorities and needs. Some individuals are best suited to being their boss due to their life goals and personality traits. You should have the following for you to succeed in consulting:

• Networking love

• Sense of organisation

• Thinking creatively

• Having the ability to supervise and motivate yourself

• Your goals and needs will assist you in determining if consulting is right for you

For instance, fundraising consultant, financial planners, and most states will need certification. Certifications involve work experience and meeting education requirements for there is often a fee and an exam.

B) Setting Your Company

Do market research. What are other companies doing already? Is there a niche in the area? What companies and clients will benefit from your skills and knowledge? Thinks of ways that you are going to distinguish your services from others. If your research tells that the marketing consultants in your area do specialise in big businesses, please consider dealing on smaller ones.

Develop a business plan. Writing a business plan will help you in figuring out how to turn your skills and knowledge into profit. Showing business plans to investors will help in start-up capital. The business plans will include the following:

• Market research on skill demand. Who will need your services? Who will buy them?

• Commercial projects. How much money in need of your company set up?

• Market plan and advertising. How will you attract clients? How about your competitors?

Deciding on a location. Several consultants do operate their companies from their home offices, and thus it is the best choice. When the business gets expand finding a different place will also be better. It is one of the best advice that when you are starting this business keeping expenses to a minimum will help the business run smoothly

Determine financial goals. You should have an idea of the capital for your company to run including your salary, overhead business and travel expense.

Register your business. Registering your business with local offices or states can give more importance. For instance, the registered company gets a tax identification number, and therefore it allows you to qualify for credit accounts as well as the business bank.

Decide on handling the administrative task. Determine if you have time do work out yourself or hire an employee to work for example setting up appointments, answering questions, and mailing sales brochures.

Create your brand. Creating a brand will assist what you do to potential clients as well as communicating who you are. Create websites, social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as well as having business cards.

C) Running Your Company

Engaging in networking activities. Try joining several professional groups as well as joining local business associations. Moreover, attend industry and trade shows in your field.

Speak at public events. Be in a position to teach all aspects of the field through the classes of local adult education. For networking will help in giving a connection with other business experts in the area.

Practice time management. Always adjust your schedule to get enough time for networking activities and time for sales. Tighten your schedule and organise your work areas to make it easier.

Promote your company. Advertise your company by writing online, printing articles and publishing them on your blog, trade magazines and even the local newspapers. Updating your social media with excellent information will attract more customers.

Ask for referrals. Asking for referrals may be a little bit weird, but if you do a good job, your customers will give a recommendation on your services to other individuals they know.


Have you ever wondered what does a consultant do? How to become a consultant? Well the answer now is very simple as per the explanation of the above article. Becoming a consultant is the one of the best decisions one can ever make and its purposes are highly explained in the article.

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