Consulting Accelerator Review: Should You Join Or Not? (Updated for 2019)

Are you interested in establishing and profiting from your own independent business, or are currently business owners looking to increase your revenue? You don’t know where to start? Well look no further, Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program is an effectively informative tool, channeling wisdom into its consumers.

More often than not, the majority of the population, and everyday consumers like you are massively hesitant about relying on and actually making financial commitments online.

I understand, online platforms are pretty risky businesses to invest in blindly. Millions of dollars and a profitable business via a shortcut seem like a pipedream. I’ve delved deep into our resources to find out if your anxieties have any merit to them, so read on the get a clearer picture.

Basics of the Consulting Accelerator Coaching Program

You are basically taught how to develop a consulting business with the skill or niche of your own choice, and then to scale this business via Facebook advertising and custom targeting. The broad course is not limited as it ranges from generating business leaders, partners, social networking, emotional trauma, and leadership.

You are gaining access to a remodeled version of consulting due to innovative, proprietary problem-solving business processes. To make it even more easy and convenient for you the syllabus is broken down into step-by-step tasks that can be acted upon in real life situations. You enter into a world made up of a community of entrepreneurs, live Q&A calls for practical training and physical workbooks to reaffirm academic course load.

The $2,000 price tag seems to be a daunting investment paired along with the action-based refund policy that entails unsatisfied customers must perform training tasks to gain refund eligibility via a no-questions asked policy.

However, the fee is well worth the value-added benefits. The course itself is an intensive 6-week sequence that is tailor-made to teach new business-oriented skills, enhance pre-existing knowledge base, and generate a profit in a location-independent business.

Weekly lessons are further split into business basics like foundation setup guides, expertise-building in sales, grasping concepts regarding the mastery of paid advertising strategies and overall charismatic trait adoption. After a lot of feedback, reviewing and testing the course has been regularly updated.

Overview of service provided

  1. Free-trial period to let you get a feel of what to expect.
  2. 6-week training program.
  3. Lifetime access to guide.
  4. Physical box set sent to you, including: alchemy notebook and Training workbook with course contents, alchemy planner, Alchemy of self-workbook and Alchemy conversion sales script.
  5. Online Community.
  6. Weekly Q&A calls and emails.
  7. 7-day money back guarantee.
  8. E-Learning Program; HD videos, readable transcripts, and mp3 recordings.
  9. Personalized mentorship.
  10. Livestream sessions.

Course Specifications

The curriculum syllabus outlines the goal of establishing a lucrative 6-figure consulting business and successfully securing your first client within the span of 42-days.

According to their website, the content has been proven and tested by 10,000+ students worldwide, generated 21 millionaires, reported an earned income of $400,000,000, aided 2.838 individuals to resign from mundane 9-5 jobs and enabled 451 people to accumulate a 6-figure salary baseline. So rest assured you are in good hands.

Module Breakdown

Each module begins with an overview to brief you on the upcoming topic and wraps it up with action items and questions to reinforce the lesson effectively. Some even feature additional videos.

Week 1: Fundamentals and Foundations

  1. Setting your foundations.
  2. Natural law and the equation.
  3. The evolution of a consultant.
  4. Taking a view on the market.
  5. Picking you 2.0 niche.
  6. Crafting your mvo.
  7. Resonating your message.

Week 2: New Paradigm and Worldview

  1. The dark force holding your heels.
  2. Faceoff with the devil.
  3. Duality and conflict of man.
  4. Seeing for the first time.
  5. Alchemy of self.
  6. New paradigm and worldview.
  7. Rolling Gods loaded dice.

Week 3: Alchemy of Client Conversion

  1. The illusion of sales.
  2. Alchemy of conversion.
  3. Crafting your script.
  4. Pendulum of doubt.
  5. Igniting your flame.

Week 4: Alchemy of Client Attraction

  1. Falling for the trap.
  2. Alchemy of client attraction.
  3. Organic attraction methods.
  4. Paid attraction methods.
  5. Assembling the war machine.
  6. Planning your 30d attack.
  7. Conquering paralysis.

Week 5: Fractal Facebook Evolution

  1. Fractal Facebook evolution.
  2. Unveiling the fb algorithm.
  3. Facebook’s book of law.
  4. Playbook for a new epoch.
  5. Your ad hypothesis.
  6. Your audience hypothesis.
  7. Tracking swans and the polaris stars.
  8. Achieving omnipresence.
  9. Ad and audience templates.
  10. Campaign genesis.
  11. Governing initial conditions.
  12. Daily workflow of the king.
  13. Ratcheting up of the kingdom.

Week 6: Minimum Viable Service Delivery

  1. Minimum viable service delivery.
  2. Setting client expectations.
  3. Hiring the top 1% of contractors.
  4. Project management and workflows.
  5. Finance and cash flow mastery.
  6. Platform growth and scale.
  7. Marketing automation.

Critical Review

To shed some light on the pros and cons of this course, I’ve compiled an unbiased and detailed article with certain criterion:

  • User-friendliness

The course is suitable for beginners, as they are taken from knowing next to nothing about their potential niche i.e. about marketing and sales, to knowing these skills better than 90% of the individuals out there.

Since you are paired up with a mentor who has erected successful businesses themselves as a seasoned veteran, you are privy to useful personal accounts that’ll build your confidence and provide valuable life-lessons. You see value through action as you produce real-world results under the supervision of the aforementioned mentor.

Once you type in the website address you are redirected to what was previously an amateur-like website. However, as I mentioned earlier, they’ve revised all past errors in the form of spelling mistakes, and sub-par website designs. You now have access to a friendlier user interface, non-existent blunders and a functional website that isn’t going to crash or mislead you.

It has been transformed into a professional platform that delivers High Definition video content where Sam is being professionally recorded whilst he conveys a proficient, clearly articulated and well-constructed lesson.

Available downloads are hassle-free and in the form of non-corrupt PDF files. Pop-up boxes may seem annoying but they’re easy to overlook. The drop-down menus are detailed and straightforward. The visual aesthetics, navigation, and general usage are pretty uncomplicated.

  • Content Quality

For starters, the scripts provided are not only convenient hands-on tools but provide a baseline for beginners and comparative samples for more advanced users.

  • Week 1

Starting off with the generic basics, it creates a mindset theme that includes finding a niche and specializing in it. Sam provides a pretty broad consulting definition and provides the background necessary to delve into more complicated units.

  • Week 2

Positioned as transformational with its paradigm shift focus it’s constructive for enlightenment seeking individuals.

  • Week 3

Well worth your money as skills to communicate value-propositions is taught. Reforms mainstream beliefs by teaching customer psychology i.e. emotional drive identification and solution/strategy tailoring etc. The sales focus is rigorously covered and guaranteed to leave you better off.

  • Week 4

Actionable strategies included aren’t fluffy readings but hardcore content. Positioned as the crux of business, this provides a system for creating an auto-pilot scaling of a consulting business into a money-generating machine. The methodical approach Sam adopts is unlike common upsell courses, as he does not promote affiliate products but at an added price offers personal recommendations.

  • Week 5

This module is fairly loaded regarding Facebook know-how and exposure. 24 hours of content squeezed into this one module make it a quality unit. Very easy to follow with ground-up, fundamental teaching methodology. It’s pretty credible as the instructor has tangible financial success in his pockets, it’s extremely detailed and the Facebook algorithm understanding is very on point. You will be taught exactly how to satisfy Facebook requirements to your advantage.

  • Week 6

With a practical emphasis, it provides lessons on how to promote and build a platform, acquiring necessary legal documents, credit card payment setup know-how, strategies for generating referral clientele, marketing automation use and setting up marketing automation.

  • Bonus Training Module

“Digital Marketing Bonus” is included with a personal memoir and to alleviate niche discovering struggles.

  • The overarching community

Unlike most Facebook groups, this one is neither spam title worthy nor does it lag behind into a non-updated community. With 10K members and daily posts and responses, it’s a pretty satisfactorily active group. Members can post personal inquiries and a “ring the bell” tradition when members sign in new clients, making it feel like an online family. If you have a question, you are guaranteed an answer, and they’ve generated customized career titles for real-life jobs:

  • Business Growth Consultant for Real Estate Agents and Brokers.
  • Diet Consultant and Expert Personal Trainer.
  • Search Engine Optimization Expert for Plastic Surgeons.

Credibility And Reliability

With 20,000+ active students, $690 million earned in revenues, 52 millionaire students and a publicly acknowledged reputable status, Sam Ovens and his Consulting Accelerator Program have carved their name into the ranks of highly credible and reliable online course providers.

Final Thoughts

Sam Ovens is definitely offering a real value service and legitimate course with genuine educational aspects to it including usable materials to pacify his audience. Reaffirmed by 3000+ testimonials I am certain that it would be impossible to fake such a massive feedback pool.

All in all the steps are provided in flexible variations that are easy to follow, a strong support community that results in non-conformist, non-cookie-cutter imitating professionals. The production, content, online community and pricing all tick the right boxes.

It serves those wanting to start a consulting service, those in search of skill development, wanting to sell high-cost services, desiring to work from home or according to own desires, dedicated to really spending time on this course, wanting to break free from monotonous but traditional work, do not have a specific business model in mind, are introverted and are more interested in practical lessons.

As I’ve seen the results firsthand, I won’t hesitate to tell you to sign-up and I’ll even provide you with a discounted version of the program, PLUS, different bonuses. Just click HERE to begin your consulting journey. You certainly won’t regret it.

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